Legal action by Akasa Air: Over 40 pilots face lawsuit for abrupt resignations

Legal action by Akasa Air: Over 40 pilots face lawsuit for abrupt resignations

New Delhi, Sep 17 (IANS) Akasa Air has initiated legal action against more than 40 pilots who recently left the airline to join other carriers. This sudden departure of pilots has compelled the airline, which commenced operations in August of the previous year, to cancel numerous flights since the previous month.

Consequently, by August this year, Akasa's domestic market share had fallen behind that of the financially challenged SpiceJet, a carrier it had surpassed in June. 

Akasa is reportedly requesting around Rs 22 crore in compensation for the loss of revenue and damage to its reputation, citing that the 43 pilots in question departed without fulfilling the mandatory notice period. 

"We have sought legal remedy only against a small set of pilots who abandoned their duties and left without serving their mandatory contractual notice period. This was not only in violation of their contract but also the country's civil aviation regulations," the airline spokesperson told IANS. 

"Not only is this illegal in law but also an unethical and selfish act that disrupted flights in August forcing last-minute cancellations that stranded thousands of customers, causing significant inconvenience to the travelling public," the spokesperson further said. 

"Fortunately, that is behind us now. Thanks to the hard work of our colleagues. As a young start up, we are proud of what every Akasian has helped us build in the first year of our operations," the spokesperson said. 

"Therefore, this kind of behaviour by a handful of employees is not only illegal and unethical, but also deeply disrespectful to the hard work of our entire team which shows up to work, everyday with utmost integrity," the spokesperson added. 

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