Elderly Man Assaulted by Neighbor over Dog Incident in Vadodara

Police Fast-track Investigation after a Visiting Professor Is Threatened with Lethal Consequences for Complaining

Elderly Man Assaulted by Neighbor over Dog Incident in Vadodara

In a shocking incident in Vadodara city, a man has been attacked and threatened by his neighbor following a dispute involving the neighbor's dog. The confrontation took place in the Wadi area of the city and has led to a rapid police response.

The victim, 68-year-old Billodal Chinha, is a resident of Gangotri Tower and works as a visiting professor at Sardar Patel University in Vallabh Vidyanagar. Chinha's complaint details how the neighbor, identified as Nayan Patel, reacted violently after being asked to manage his dog's behavior.

Chinha alleges that Patel's dog was acting aggressively in his parking area. Concerned, he asked Patel to move the dog elsewhere and instructed the security guard to ensure the dog was kept outside to perform its natural actions.

In response to this request, Patel reportedly approached Chinha with a wooden stick and assaulted him, striking him on the leg. He then allegedly verbally abused Chinha and threatened to escalate their previous disputes further. Patel also threatened lethal repercussions if Chinha reported the incident to the police.

Upon receiving Chinha's complaint, local law enforcement has expedited the process of apprehending Patel, making it a priority case for the police in light of the seriousness of the threats made.

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