Gujarat Board Exams: Over a Thousand Students Caught Cheating on CCTV

Caught in the Act: CCTV Surveillance Reveals Widespread Malpractice in 10th and 12th Standard Board Exams

Gujarat Board Exams: Over a Thousand Students Caught Cheating on CCTV

GUJARAT, INDIA - Gujarat's education board has unveiled a shocking report of misconduct during the state's 10th and 12th standard board exams held in March 2023. A staggering total of 1130 students have been caught cheating on CCTV, while the board's flying squad managed to apprehend only 60.

In a bid to curb cheating during the examinations, the board had made arrangements for CCTV-equipped classrooms. Despite their efforts, the flying squad, formed to detect and report malpractices, captured a considerably lower number of students compared to the digital surveillance.

As a result of the misconduct, the results for these students will be held in reserve until further notice. The students who were caught cheating will be summoned before the board officials. After hearing their explanations, penalties will be meted out according to the regulations established by the education board.

The 10th standard examination saw 759 cases of cheating identified through CCTV footage and another 29 caught by the squad, venue operator, and room inspector. In the 12th standard science exam, 26 cases were discovered via CCTV footage, and nine by the squad and exam officials. In the general stream of the 12th standard, 345 instances were recorded on CCTV footage, and an additional 22 were identified by other means.

This report shows a significant discrepancy between the number of students caught by the flying squad and venue operators, and those detected by CCTV surveillance. It is a clear indication of the scale of misconduct during these critical examinations.

Despite the severity of their actions, the board will offer all 1190 students caught in the act of malpractice an opportunity to submit their responses before deciding on the course of action.

As the 10th standard results are soon to be declared, following the recent announcement of the 12th standard science results, this discovery adds a layer of complexity and concern to the state's examination procedures.