Harassed by Moneylenders, Vadodara Man Succumbs to Suicide Attempt

Authorities to Register Case of Abetment to Suicide Following the Death of a Victim of Loan Harassment

Harassed by Moneylenders, Vadodara Man Succumbs to Suicide Attempt

Vadodara, India - A young man, beleaguered by relentless harassment from moneylenders, succumbed to his suicide attempt in Vadodara's Gotri Hospital on Saturday. Chetanbhai Valand, the deceased, was a resident of Laxminagar-1 in the Gotri area of the city.

A week prior, Valand had attempted to take his own life by consuming a poisonous substance, driven to despair despite returning a sum of 9 lakhs to his creditors, a sum significantly higher than the initial 3.90 lakhs borrowed. The police, following Valand's death, are set to file a case of abetment to suicide against the involved parties.

Valand had tried to end his life by ingesting a toxic medicine. He passed away during his treatment at Gotri Hospital. A suicide note, penned by Valand before his tragic attempt, named Sajan Bharwad, Suresh Bharwad, and Vitthal Bharwad as the culprits, alleging that they drove him to this desperate act.

In his note, Valand claimed that these individuals, who were reported to the Laxmipura police station, were responsible for his death. He also mentioned that they held his house papers and that he had lodged a complaint against Sajan Bharwad at the Gotri police station on April 26th. These individuals, he wrote, had left him no other choice but to take his own life.

Vishal Valand, the son of the deceased, had previously leveled accusations against the personnel of the Laxmipura police station, alleging their complicity with the moneylenders. This tragic incident underscores the urgent need for tighter regulation and oversight of lending practices.

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