Surat SOG Busts Gold Smuggling Gang at Airport

Smugglers used gold paste hidden in travel bags, worth Rs 60 lakh seized

Surat SOG Busts Gold Smuggling Gang at Airport

Surat airport has once again become a hotspot for gold smugglers. Frequent cases of gold smuggling have been reported on international flights from Dubai to Surat. Recently, the Surat Special Operations Group (SOG) busted a gang smuggling gold paste worth Rs 60 lakh from Dubai.

SOG's Vigilance Foiled the Case

According to sources, the smugglers were concealing gold inside travel bags. Instead of gold biscuits, they had created gold paste and applied a thin layer on the back of the bags, making it look like a part of the bag. However, as soon as they landed at Surat airport, SOG officers noticed the suspicious bags and immediately detained four individuals.

Jewelry Expert Verified the Gold

A jewelry expert was called in to verify the presence of gold paste on the bags. In the expert's presence, SOG officers removed the extra layer from the bags, revealing a black exterior but golden interior. When the jewelry expert melted the layer under SOG supervision, 900 grams of gold worth Rs 60 lakh was recovered.

Action Taken on SOG's Information

The SOG had received a tip-off that a woman and three men were smuggling gold on a Dubai-Surat flight. Although the suspects left Surat airport with the smuggled gold, SOG apprehended them outside the airport.

Use of Unique Technology

This case marks the first time smugglers have used such a unique technique to smuggle gold. Thanks to the vigilance and prompt action of the SOG, the smuggling attempt was thwarted and gold worth Rs 60 lakh was recovered. This incident highlights the security loopholes and the need for increased alertness towards new smuggling techniques.

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