Surat Prepares for Monsoon with Preemptive Measures

Surat Municipal Corporation takes steps to mitigate flood risks ahead of monsoon season

Surat Prepares for Monsoon with Preemptive Measures

With the monsoon season approaching, the Surat Municipal Corporation has commenced its annual pre-monsoon preparations. Recent rainfall has signaled the onset of the season, prompting the corporation to enhance the city's safety measures.

One significant initiative is the removal of the iron grill on the weir-cum-causeway connecting Rander and Katargam. Traditionally installed to prevent floodwater overflow, the grill can obstruct water flow and lead to waterlogging. In its place, bamboo barricades are being installed, which help slow down the water flow and mitigate flooding risks.

Municipal officials assure that these bamboo barricades will be securely tied with strong ropes to ensure stability. Despite these efforts, there are concerns that the causeway might remain closed for an extended period this year due to predictions of a robust monsoon.

The Surat Municipal Corporation urges citizens to exercise caution during the monsoon season, advising them to avoid drains and rivers with high water flow.

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