Cong ruins country; jungle raj people make Bihar crime factory: PM

Cong ruins country; jungle raj people make Bihar crime factory: PM

Patna (Bihar), 21 May (HS): Addressing an election rally in favor of the BJP candidate in Motihari, Bihar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that Congress ruined the country and the people of Jungle Raj made Bihar a factory of crime. Congress put all its efforts to promote just one family. Before this, the PM bowed to the land of East Champaran. Seeing the enthusiasm of the people, he said that your enthusiasm itself tells what result is going to come on June 4.

During his address in favor of party candidate Radha Mohan Singh, the PM continued lashing out at Congress. He said that after coming to power at the Center after independence, Congress put all its efforts to advance only one family. Congress and its allies together wasted 60 years of the country. Destroyed the lives of three generations. In 60 years, these people built big palaces, opened accounts in Swiss banks and the rights of the poor and the destitute were violated. They are not concerned with your problems and poverty.

Along with Congress, PM also attacked RJD. He said that the people of Jungle Raj in Bihar have made Bihar a factory of crime. The people of Jungle Raj gave bombs, gunpowder and mafia to the people of Bihar. How could those who were engaged only in promoting crime in Jungle Raj develop Bihar? Yadaving Sushil Modi along with Nitish Kumar, he said that both of them together played a commendable role in ending Jungle Raj in Bihar. It was due to his efforts that daughters in Bihar progressed, migration stopped and people got many facilities.

Attacking the INDI alliance, he said 21st century India cannot move forward with the sins of the INDI alliance. That is why in every election the public is attacking parties like Congress and RJD. On June 4, there will be the biggest attack on the intentions of INDI people. The public vote will attack corruption in the country, it will attack the politics of appeasement, it will attack the Tukde Tukde gang, it will attack the distorted mentality that abuses Sanatan, it will attack criminals, mafia and jungle raj, This will be an attack on anti-women mentality.

The PM said that Mahatma Gandhi had used Satyagraha and Swachhagraha in Champaran. After independence, Congress should have taken inspiration from this and started a movement for cleanliness in the country. They had the opportunity to pay the biggest tribute to Bapu but they completely abandoned Bapu on the very first day of coming to power. Abandoned Bapu's thoughts, abandoned Bapu's ethics and abandoned Bapu's ideals.