Bollywood Stars Urge Mumbai to Vote in Lok Sabha Elections

Bollywood Stars Urge Mumbai to Vote in Lok Sabha Elections

In the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha elections, voting will occur on Monday across 49 seats in eight states, including Mumbai. Bollywood stars are urging citizens to exercise their voting rights. Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty, and Sunil Shetty have all taken to social media to encourage voter turnout in Mumbai and beyond.

Shah Rukh Khan emphasized the importance of voting, stating, "As responsible Indian citizens, we should exercise our right to vote in Maharashtra this Monday. Let us do our duty as Indians and vote keeping in mind the best interests of our country."

Salman Khan shared a message with his fans: "I exercise 365 days a year, no matter what, and now I am going to exercise my franchise on May 20, no matter what. So do whatever you want to do, friend, but go and vote and do not trouble your Mother India… Jai Bharat Mata."

Akshay Kumar, who recently renounced his Canadian citizenship to become an Indian citizen, released a video message. He reminded Mumbaikars, "May 20 offers an opportunity which comes only once in five years. This is the opportunity to exercise your franchise and elect your Lok Sabha member. Don't miss it because every vote counts."

The appeals from these celebrities aim to boost voter participation and ensure that citizens fulfill their civic duty in this crucial phase of the elections.