DGVCL Halts Smart Meter Installation in Residences

Government Buildings to Get Priority as Smart Meter Controversies Arise

DGVCL Halts Smart Meter Installation in Residences

Surat: In response to ongoing controversies, Dakshin Gujarat Electricity Company Limited (DGVCL) has decided to halt the installation of smart meters in residential areas. Instead, the company will prioritize installing these meters in government buildings.

DGVCL MD Yogesh Chaudhary stated that the replacement of traditional meters with smart ones began in April, and 10,000 meters have been installed in the past month. However, misleading information circulating on social media has created misunderstandings among residents.

Benefits of Smart Meters:

  • Reduction in Human Error: Eliminates manual meter reading errors.
  • Preventing Electricity Theft: Helps in reducing electricity theft.
  • Power Consumption Monitoring: Allows users to track daily power usage and save energy.
  • Bill Discount: Offers a 2% discount on bills for using smart meters.

Cause of Disputes: Some social media claims suggest that smart meter recharges deplete quickly and increase bills. DGVCL asserts that smart meters operate similarly to old meters, with bills reflecting actual electricity consumption.

DGVCL's decision aims to mitigate controversies surrounding smart meters. The company plans to address public complaints and educate users on the benefits of smart meters.

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