Third Drowning Incident in Gujarat Claims 3 Lives in 4 Days

Youth and Minors Drown in Separate Tragic Events

Third Drowning Incident in Gujarat Claims 3 Lives in 4 Days

Morbi – A youth and two minors drowned in the Machhu river near Nava Sadulka village in Morbi district. The incident occurred when they slipped into deep water while bathing. Police and local residents have begun search operations.

This marks the third drowning incident in Gujarat in just four days. On May 12, four people drowned in the Dandi sea. Two days later, on May 14, seven individuals were swept away by the strong currents of the Narmada river in Rajpipla, Narmada district, with only one body recovered so far. The remaining six are still missing.

The series of drownings has highlighted the dangers of water-related activities during the summer holidays. Authorities are urging the public to exercise caution.

On Wednesday, a group of six minors and a youth went to bathe in the Machhu river. Unfortunately, a young man and two minors drowned after slipping into deep water. Nearby residents alerted the police and fire brigade, who are currently searching for the missing individuals.

Incident on May 12: A large number of people from Navsari and other districts visited Dandi beach on May 12 to celebrate the weekend. While enjoying the sea, seven people from three families were caught in strong waves. Despite rescue efforts by police, Home Guard personnel, and other swimmers, four people drowned. The deceased, all from the same family, were Sushilaben (mother), her sons Yuvraj (20) and Deshraj (15), and her niece Durga (17). Their bodies were recovered after an extensive search.

Incident on May 14: Ten residents of Amreli, now settled in Surat, visited Poicha in Narmada district. While eight of them were bathing in the Narmada river, seven were swept away by strong currents. This group included three children. Bhavesh Hadiya's body was found the following morning, while six others remain missing: Bharat Baldania, Arnav Baldania (12), Metraksh Baldania (15), Vraj Baldania (11), Aryan Jijala (7), and Bhargav Hadiya (15). Search efforts are ongoing.

These tragic incidents serve as a stark reminder of the importance of water safety and vigilance during recreational activities.