Badrinath Dham Opens for Chardham Yatra, Modi's Name in First Puja

Thousands Witness Akhand Jyoti Darshan, Chardham Yatra Officially Commences

Badrinath Dham Opens for Chardham Yatra, Modi's Name in First Puja

Dehradun - The sacred portals of Badrinath Dham opened amidst Vedic chants and the aroma of flowers, marking the commencement of the Chardham Yatra. The first darshan of the Akhand Jyoti, burning for six months, was a moment of spiritual significance for the thousands of pilgrims present. The ceremonial unveiling of the ghee-made blanket offered to Lord Badrinath six months ago marked the beginning of the yatra.

The first puja at Badrinath Dham was conducted in honor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, reflecting his special connection with Uttarakhand. Draped in floral adornments, the temple exuded a divine aura, attracting more than 20,000 devotees on the opening day. Despite prior weather warnings, a light rain added to the sanctity of the occasion.

According to Dr. Brajesh Sati, General Secretary of the Chardham Teerth Purohit Panchayat, the morning witnessed the Lord's 'Nirvana Darshan' without any adornments, followed by the ceremonial Jalabhishek and the first puja in the Prime Minister's name. The day continued with offerings and rituals, including the symbolic feeding of Brahmakapal.

The historical and religious significance of Badrinath Dham, situated in Chamoli district at an altitude of 3,133 meters, dates back to the 9th century when Adi Shankaracharya established the temple. It is believed to be one of the eight self-manifested images of Lord Vishnu. The temple's rituals are performed by the Rawal, descendants of Shankaracharya, and the oil used for anointing the deity is provided by the Tehri royal family, for whom Badrinath is the worshipable deity.

The temple's opening, marked by the use of three keys held by different authorities, signifies the start of a pilgrimage season that attracts around 10 lakh devotees annually. The ceremony's spiritual fervor and historical roots make Badrinath Dham a revered destination for devotees seeking blessings and spiritual solace.