Gujarat's Gandhinagar to Host World-Class Anjana Dham

Rs 300 Crore Allocated for Global-level Project, Rs 151 Crore Donated

Gujarat's Gandhinagar to Host World-Class Anjana Dham

Gandhinagar - Gandhinagar is set to become home to a state-of-the-art Anjana Dham, spanning 9 bighas in Jamiatpura. The Chaudhary community of Gujarat has pledged Rs 151 crore towards the Rs 300 crore project, showcasing their commitment to the initiative. Gujarat Assembly Speaker Shankarbhai Chaudhary, hailing from the Anjana Chaudhary community, was among the 10 donors felicitated at a ceremony in Jamiatpura.

The Anjana Chaudhary Samaj in Gujarat is embarking on this project to establish a global-level Anjana Dham that will serve as a hallmark of their identity. Donors have generously contributed to this cause, with notable pledges including Rs 51 crore from Manilal Chaudhary (Dagawadia), Rs 35 crore from Shankarbhai Chaudhary (Shankuj Waterpark), Rs 25 crore from Sheth Haribhai Chaudhary (Charada), and Rs 11 crore each from Kanubhai Chaudhary, Babu Chaudhary, and Ramesh Chaudhary (all from Dagawadia). Additionally, Nathabhai Choudhary and Baldevbhai Choudhary (both from Dagawadia) pledged Rs 2 crore each, while RD Choudhary from Jhalor, Rajasthan, committed Rs 1 crore, totaling Rs 151 crore.

Manilal Chaudhary outlined the vision for the Dham, highlighting plans for world-class facilities such as hostels, libraries, and restaurants to aid in the preparation for UPSC, GPSC, and other competitive examinations. This ambitious project aims to elevate the educational infrastructure in Gujarat and provide a conducive environment for academic excellence.

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