Gambling Den Raided in Surat; 23 Arrested

State Vigilance Team Cracks Down on Repeat Offender Salim Shah's Den

Gambling Den Raided in Surat; 23 Arrested

Salim Shah's gambling den at Kosad, Amroli in Surat was raided by the State Vigilance team of Gandhinagar for the second time in 6 months. They arrested 23 gamblers, including 6 writers, exposing the negligence of the local police. The raid resulted in the seizure of Rs 47,360 in cash, 18 mobiles worth Rs 78 thousand, seven vehicles worth Rs 2.45 lakh, and valuables worth Rs 3.73 lakh from the arrested gamblers.

Salim Karim Shah, the operator of the gambling den, is currently absconding and has been declared wanted. Vigilance staff reported that just two days after the Lok Sabha elections, the gambling den at Kosad, Amroli, was running in full swing. More than 50 gamblers were involved in various games when the Vigilance team surrounded the residence, leading to a stampede and the capture of 23 gamblers.

This is not the first time this gambling den has been raided. Six months ago, Vigilance had conducted a similar raid, resulting in the arrest of 24 gamblers with significant amounts of money. 

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