Threatening Emails to Ahmedabad Schools Traced to Pakistan

Gujarat Police Reveal Source of Threats

Threatening Emails to Ahmedabad Schools Traced to Pakistan

In a significant development, the Gujarat Police have disclosed that the threatening emails sent to over 28 schools in Ahmedabad on May 6 originated from Pakistan. Initially, there were suspicions of a Russian domain being used, but investigations by the Ahmedabad Crime Branch have revealed a Pakistani connection, with possible involvement of the ISI.

The threatening emails, received a day before voting in Gujarat, warned of bombings and the implementation of Sharia law. Following the receipt of these emails, multiple agencies began investigating the threats. The Ahmedabad Crime Branch, in coordination with central agencies, is now looking into the matter. The revelation of a Pakistani connection has prompted a shift in focus from a Russian to a Pakistani origin of the emails.

The involvement of the ISI, if proven, could have serious implications. The police are now considering seeking assistance from central investigating agencies to further probe the matter. The disclosure of the Pakistani connection has brought a new dimension to the investigation, highlighting the need for thorough examination and cooperation between agencies to address such threats effectively.

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