Surat Municipal Corporation to Replace Drainage Lines in Over 50 Societies

Aging Infrastructure Leading to Blockages, Upgradation Work Underway

Surat Municipal Corporation to Replace Drainage Lines in Over 50 Societies

Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) is addressing complaints of frequent drainage blockages in private societies by replacing aging drainage lines. Many societies have reported issues due to lines being 30 to 35 years old and in a dilapidated condition.

To tackle this problem, a survey is being conducted by the Zone and Drainage Department to identify societies in need of drainage line replacement. Work has already begun in the Central Zone, with a society's drainage line being replaced. Similar plans are underway for over 50 societies across Surat city.

Upgrading Drainage Network Across the City

This initiative is part of a larger SMC master plan to upgrade the drainage network in Central and Katargam areas, known for their older infrastructure. Additionally, societies in these zones have submitted applications for individual drainage line replacements, which have been approved.

Similar assessments are being carried out in other zones like Katargam-Rander and Athwa. The Zonal Drainage Department and the Intermediate Drainage Department are reviewing applications for replacing drainage lines that are 30 to 35 years old. After a consultant survey, replacements will be guided by the Intermediate Drainage Department.

Pilot Project Shows Success, Wider Rollout Planned

As a pilot project, a 35-year-old drainage line in a Ward No. 4 society of the Central Zone has already been replaced. The positive outcome paves the way for a wider rollout. Plans are in place to replace dilapidated lines in around 50 societies, including 14 in Athwa Zone, 22 in Rander Zone, 2 in Udhna A Zone, and 12 in Limbayat Zone.

By replacing old lines with new ones, SMC aims to significantly reduce drainage blockages and improve sanitation in these societies.

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