Surat : Businessman Falls Victim to Honey Trap, Extorted of Rs 30 Lakh

Lured Under False Pretenses, Threatened with False Police Case

Surat : Businessman Falls Victim to Honey Trap, Extorted of Rs 30 Lakh

A Surat businessman associated with the temple trade has filed a complaint with Jahangirpura police station alleging a honey trap and extortion of a staggering Rs 30 lakh. The victim, who resides near Navyug College on Rander Road, was approached by a woman claiming to need measurements taken for a home temple.

According to the complaint, the businessman visited the woman's house for the measurements. However, upon entering a bedroom for this purpose, the door was shut, and another woman began disrobing. As the businessman attempted to leave, he was allegedly pushed onto the bed by the woman and threatened with a fabricated police raid.

Four unknown individuals then entered the room, posing as police officers. They accused the businessman of running a brothel and demanded a settlement of Rs 17 lakh to avoid charges. The businessman, fearing further trouble, complied.

However, the harassment did not end there. Days later, the same individuals demanded an additional Rs 13 lakh. Having reached his breaking point, the businessman finally approached the police.

Jahangirpura police have registered a case against four unidentified individuals posing as police officers and the two women involved in the honey trap. Investigations are currently underway.

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