Indian Navy Thwarts Somalian Pirate Attack, Rescues 23 Pakistani Crew Members

12-Hour Operation in Arabian Sea Secures Iranian Fishing Vessel

Indian Navy Thwarts Somalian Pirate Attack, Rescues 23 Pakistani Crew Members

The Indian Navy successfully rescued 23 Pakistani crew members and secured an Iranian fishing vessel hijacked by Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea. The operation, which lasted for approximately 12 hours, concluded early Saturday morning.

Swift Response to Distress Call

Late on March 28, the Indian Navy received intelligence about the hijacking of the Iranian fishing vessel "Al-Kambar 786." Two Indian naval ships deployed for maritime security patrols in the Arabian Sea, INS Sumedha and INS Trishul, were swiftly diverted to intercept the hijacked vessel.

Neutrality Upheld, Crew Safeguarded

Upon intercepting the "Al-Kambar 786" on March 29, the Indian Navy launched a tactical operation to secure the vessel and its crew. Employing their expertise, they successfully forced the surrender of the pirates on board without causing any casualties. With the pirates subdued, the Indian Navy assumed control of the vessel and safely rescued all 23 Pakistani crew members.

Ensuring Safe Passage and Maritime Security

Following the rescue, INS Sumedha is now conducting a thorough inspection of the "Al-Kambar 786" to ensure its seaworthiness. The Indian Navy will then escort the vessel to a safe area, allowing the crew to resume their fishing activities. This operation reaffirms the Indian Navy's commitment to safeguarding maritime security in the region and ensuring the safety of seafarers.